Reception trip to Blackpool Zoo

Today all of the reception children went to Blackpool Zoo in two coaches, what a day!

We arrived and the adventure began. The photos show the animals we saw….tigers, tortoises, giraffes, parrots, sealions, meerkats, lemurs…

…what the photographs don’t show is the cheeky seagulls that SWOOP as you’re trying to eat your lunch. One was particularly cheeky and stole Mrs Ogden’s ham salad sandwich!

Finally a big thank you to our parent helpers, we couldn’t have done it without you.






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Holding chicks

We now have 8 chicks from our 12 eggs. In birth order they are called Malcolm, Poppy, Derek, Fino, Dave, Max, Penguin and Basil-Brazil!


By Friday afternoon 6 of the chicks were strong enough to go in the brooder and we had great fun holding them. We were very gentle and tried hard to use our quiet voices near the chicks.





We are very grateful to farmer Fred for letting us borrow the incubator and eggs. We have all wrote him a letter to say thank you.

This weekend the chicks are going back to the farm. We will miss them lots but we know they will enjoy their new home!

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Letting the butterflies go!

On Friday we decided it was time to free our butterflies. All 5 of our caterpillars had safely turned into butterflies and now their wings had dried out so it was time to let them go.

We talked about where would be the best place to set our butterflies free and the children decided that the butterflies might like it at forest school.

We sat in a quiet circle and opened the butterfly garden. We waited and waited but the butterflies wouldn’t fly out so we decided to give them a little help.


At first the butterflies didn’t seem to understand that they were supposed to fly away! They were very tame and were happy to walk on our hands for a bit. We were all very careful and made sure not to touch their wings.




Eventually all but two of the butterflies flew away and we all waved goodbye. Tom and Freddie found a safe place to leave the last two butterflies.


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We have chicks AND butterflies!!!!!!

Reception were very excited to find out that not only had two eggs hatched last night, some of our butterflies have also crawled out of their cocoons!

So far we have two chicks. A yellow chick named Poppy and a black chick, the eldest, called Malcolm. Both chicks have spent the day drying out in the incubator and will hopefully be ready for the brooder tomorrow.


The sound of our fire alarm must have woken up some of our butterflies! When we returned from our fire drill practise, we were very excited to discover that two of our butterflies had crawled out of their cocoons whilst we had been gone. A little later we were able to watch another butterfly join them.


We hoping that tomorrow will bring lots more new arrivals and the chirping sounds coming from the unhatched eggs is a good sign!

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The Amazon Rainforest

This week, to celebrate the World Cup, all the classes in school are learning about a different country. In Reception we have been finding out about Brazil. Since finding out that a large part of the Amazon rainforest is in Brazil, Reception 2 have been busy trying to find out more.

Yesterday at forest school we looked at pictures of animals native to the Amazon rainforest and compared them to the kind of creatures we might find in our woods.


Jessica found some feathers and we compared these to the brightly coloured feathers on the picture of the parrot. We decided that although we had birds in England none of them were as colourful as those living in the rainforest.

Mason enjoyed looking at the different pictures and although we couldn’t see any real birds to compare to the picture of the parrot, we could hear the birds singing in the trees when we listened carefully.

Dylan and Kayden remembered that we had found a frog the other week at forest school but explained that ours wasn’t quite so brightly coloured.

Overall we decided that our woods would not be big enough or warm enough for many of the animals who live I’m the rainforest. Although Matthew did try and convince Miss Bowling and Mrs O’Kane that we had a sloth living in our trees called Big Bad Barry!

After all this discussion the children thought it would be much more fun pretending to be different wild animals in the long grass. Poor Mrs O’Kane was stalked by a gang of jaguars who sneaked up behind her!


Today we continued to learn about different animals that live in the Amazon. We looked at lots of pictures and talked about some of the more unusual animals. We found out about the Glass Frog which has a see-through body so you can see its organs inside.

We decided to use the pictures to create our own drawings and paintings of the animals. We used oil pastels and poster paints.




We will be continuing to find out about Brazil and the Amazon Rainforest for the rest of this week.

Please remember to come dressed in bright clothes on Friday.

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All grown up at forest school!

Today Reception 2 took some of the nursery children to forest school. They were very responsible and looked after their partner, making sure they listened to all the rules to get to forest school safely.

At forest school we showed them lots of the things we like to do there and enjoyed playing the new game Miss Reddy taught us.


We taught the nursery children how to makes bow and arrows and we also learnt to make tree gremlins. We had lots of fun making funny faces in the trees. Have a look at some of our gremlins …



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Father’s Day celebrations

Reception children invited their special man -Dad,Grandad or Uncle to a Stay and Play session with us.
We had lots of fun playing football, making England flags, constructing new things and reading books.
We made our Dads a card and a biscuit and sang them songs . Everyone had a great time , indoors and out.












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Flower mobiles and Bow and Arrows!

Reception 2 had a great time back at forest school in the sunshine this morning.

First we practised our knot tying skills. Most of us could follow the instructions to tie a knot all by ourselves.


Then we found flowers and leaves and used our new skills to tie them to sticks to make flower mobiles.



Sam found a large stick in the woods and decided he wanted to make a bow and arrow.


After seeing Sam’s fantastic bow and arrow lots of other children wanted to make one too.


We also found lots more minibeasts. Jessica told us all that the unusual bug we found was actually a baby ladybird. We googled it when we got back and Jessica was very proud to be proved right!

We were also very excited to find some insect eggs under a log. We are going to have another look next week to see if we can find out what kind of insects are inside.


We practised our jumping skills and tried to land on two feet with our knees bent. We were very brave and even jumped of some of the biggest logs.


We are hoping to visit forest school every Tuesday this half term. Please ensure your child has a named pair of wellies in school all the time. Thank you.

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Meet the new residents of Reception 1- five caterpillars.
Today in maths we thought of some names for the caterpillars, then we tallied to choose the favourite names.

We are proud to introduce: Concertina, Poppy, Frank, Derek and Peanut.

We will look after them and watch them change day by day.


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Story time with Year 6

Reception and Nursery had a lovely surprise this afternoon as Year 6 came down to visit with stories they had written especially for us! We really enjoyed listening to the different stories and showing Year 6 lots of the things we like to do in Reception.




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