Happy Fathers’ Day

Yesterday we welcomed lots of people who are special to us to our stay and play. We had so much fun. We sang songs, read stories, gave gifts and cards and more…… 


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Sunday 26th June is our summer fayre from 12-3pm with lots of exciting things to buy, see, eat and drink! 

One of the highlights of the fayre this year are the donkey rides. On the day you can pay £3 but if you buy your tickets in advance they are only £2.50….just call in to school office to buy your tickets to guarantee your donkey ride!  


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Whose Smile?

In Reception 3 we have a new class book….Whose Smile? This book creates amazing conversations as some of the smiles are so gorgeous it’s hard to know who they belong to! Have a look through and see if you can see any you recognise… 


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Thank you to Leo’s Nana

Having read the letter from Leo’s Nana, Poppy decided to write a reply. Poppy worked independently and said “make sure you post it”  


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A letter from Ireland

Following on from our exciting ‘balloon’ adventure, we received a letter from Ireland from Leo’s Nana. We read the letter in class, and the children were delighted the balloon had traveled so far.  


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The chicks are hatching

We are proud to say we are the proud parents of two(up til 6pm) new chicks -born today at Moorside Primary ! The children had gone home but what a surprise for them in the morning!!


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Welcome to our newly opened Bug Hotel!!

Several children went to Miss Fletcher’s car yesterday to help her bring in some logs from her garden. We lifted the heavy logs onto the cart and took them to our garden .We put all the logs in a special area and then today we went to the woods and brought back some bugs to stay in our lovely bug hotel!! We hope the snails,wood lice, worms and slugs enjoy their stay in our deluxe hotel!!








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The eggs have arrived

This week our hen eggs have arrived.They are due to hatch this week.We watched them move today but we could not see any chicks coming out ! They must be still chipping away at the shell inside with their special egg tooth!!






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Farm to Fork at Tesco

What an informative trip to Tesco. Reception tasted cheese,held fish and vegetables and went into the fridge to see how cold it was.
It was a great day out.









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What’s in the box?


A box arrived during one of our literacy lessons. We all predicted what might be in the box and did some independent writing. On the Friday we opened the box and 3 helium balloons popped up! We decided to release the balloons and started to talk about how far they might travel. We looked at a map of the United Kingdom and talked about the places some of the children in our class have visited. London was popular! 

Leo looked across the water to Ireland and did some independent writing predicting the balloon might travel across the Irish Sea to his grandparents house…
…You won’t believe it but a couple of weeks later we got a photograph from Leo’s Grandad George  to say the balloon had landed in a tree in their garden. Leo could not believe his eyes!  


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