The Easter Bunny is safe!

Good news!

The Easter bunny is safe! The Evil King had captured the Easter Bunny but with the help of Reception ,we saved him !
We know he is safe because he knocked on our window and waved at us !
This means that Easter has not been cancelled!





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The day the classroom became a zoo!

We have had a very exciting day in Reception today! We have had a visit from Melissa and Emma from Zoo2U and they brought a variety of animals to visit.

All of Reception were brave enough to hold the corn snake. We learnt that snakes use their tongues to smell.



We also met a baby hedgehog. This was her first visit to a school and she is so young she doesn’t even have a name yet!



We learnt the difference between a turtle and a tortoise and found out that the turtle who had come to visit was actually a tortoise!



We also met a very friendly skunk. She was very soft and liked eating worms.



We really enjoyed our day with all the animals. Keep posted for more pics!

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Patterns, patterns, patterns!

Reception have really enjoyed learning about repeating and symmetrical patterns. Today we have been making arrangements using natural objects. Have a look at some of the pictures the children created. They are fantastic!


Joseph made a symmetrical pattern.


Madeleine made a really interesting arrangement. She explained that the mirrors were suns and the glass beads were Africa!


Grace made a super symmetrical pattern.


Thomas spent a long time on his pattern. He placed each object carefully and included some repeating patterns within his picture. He explained he had made a house.


Freddie thought carefully about where he wanted to put the objects. He explained he had made a pond and islands with treasure!

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Purple groups fantastic writing!

In reception we have been reading the story of Dear Zoo, but we decided the story was too babyish for us! So we decided to make our own with lots of describing words.


Well done Logan a black, fluffy black cat sounds like a lovely pet.


Violet wants a black and white puppy with a red and pink collar!


Super writing Sam a brown kangaroo and a white wallaby would make interesting pets!


Olivia is looking forward to walking her zebra!

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Changes in Reception

It has been a very busy week in Reception as we have made lots of changes to the environment. Reception 3 now have a much quieter carpet area for their whole class learning and all the children have access to a much larger creative area. The Reception children took part in the move and had lots of good ideas on how they would like their learning environment improved. There was also lots of problem solving opportunities including where to place furniture and resources and also how to rebuild a very tricky tuff spot stand!


Our new home corner and vets role play area. (We will be continuing our vets and animals topic after the holidays and creating our own ‘Dear Zoo’ books).


Sand and Water


Book area in Reception 1


Our new grown-up writing area in Reception 1


Construction area in Reception 2


Our creative and messy play area


Our investigation area in Reception 2. Reception 2 will now use this door in the mornings and at home times.


Computer area in Reception 2. After the holidays there will be pegs on this wall for Reception 2′s coats and PE kits.

We hope you like the changes. We have also got lots of new exciting resources on order which we are looking forward to exploring!

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Our trip to Chopsticks

On Wednesday all three Reception classes walked to Chopsticks in Swinton. We visited the Chinese buffet and tried lots of different foods.


We tried all sorts of things like seaweed,spring rolls,ribs and fried rice. We also had a choice of pudding.


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Chinese New Year

This week in Reception we are learning about a Chinese New Year.

Today we have made our own lucky money envelopes complete with shiny coins!


We carried out an experiment to make dirty coins shiny. We tried different solutions: tomato sauce, vinegar, cola and soapy water to see which would clean the coins the best. We were all surprised with the results!


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Our First Trip to Forest School

Reception 2 really enjoyed our first trip to forest school. We explored the area and climbed on the giant logs. We also compared the size of different sticks and looked for twigs that were smaller than our hands.

We will be visiting forest school every week this half term so we need to keep our wellies in school.

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This week Head Teacher’s Award winner


Well done for listening carefully and trying hard in class.

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Reception One’s Halloween Potion

Reception One have been busy brewing a magic potion to help us tidy up.  We tried to remember the magic words as we stirred the potion.Reception One’s Halloween potion on PhotoPeach

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