The festival of colours!

Next week on Friday 6th March it is the Hindu spring festival of Holi. Also known as the festival of colours! We have started our celebrations early!


We watched a video about the festival of colours and then had great fun recreating our own! It was very messy but lots of fun!

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We are looking forward to learning more about the Holi festival. Though perhaps with a bit less mess!

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Pancake day… At last! And a visit from the vet!

Yesterday in maths we completed our own tally charts to find out what toppings everyone preferred on their pancakes. Chocolate spread was a popular favourite! We used the results to make a shopping list for Miss Bowling. Today we chose our favourite toppings and had great fun creating delicious pancakes. Some of us were very adventurous and tried every topping on our pancakes all at once!



Lots of us chose strawberries and Miss Bowling and Mrs O’Kane were very impressed with our cutting skills. We were very careful with the knives.



Our pancakes were delicious and their wasn’t much left to tidy up!

This afternoon was even more exciting as we had a visit from a local vet!

For our afternoon carpet time we thought of some questions we could ask our visitors. We were very good at thinking of question words and making sure we used them to ask our questions. We wrote our best questions down to make sure we wouldn’t forget.

We really enjoyed meeting Lila the dog and Cookie the guinea pig. We all got to stroke Cookie, we were very gentle and some of us even got the listen to Lila’s heart with a stethoscope.


In class we have set up our own vets area and we have had great fun this week role playing going to the vets.


Tomorrow and Friday we will be celebrating the Hindu festival of Holi. The festival of colours! If you have not done so already please bring in an old adult sized shirt as we hope to have great fun throwing coloured powder paint outside! Pics to follow!

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Chinese New Year

This week we are learning about Chinese New Year.

We found out that red is a lucky colour in China and that people give red money wallets to celebrate the new year. We decided to make our own lucky money wallets and carried out an experiment to make some coins shiny so we could put them inside.

For our experiment we tested whether ketch-up, coca cola, vinegar or soapy water would clean the coins best. First we made tally charts first to find out which liquid our friends predicted would work best. Most of us chose the soapy water. Next we carried out the experiment. It was rather messy!


We put our shiny coins into our money wallets.


In class we watched a video showing the lion and dragon dances at the new year parade in Manchester. Some of the girls decided to have their own parade! Olivia and a Willow attempted to direct telling the others to play louder or quieter.


Today we have visited Chopsticks restaurant in Swinton to sample the Chinese food. It was delicious!

We chose our own food…


And had great fun eating it…




Some of us were very adventurous and tried lots of different foods.

The queue for the puddings was rather long! But worth the wait, we were very excited to find cake, ice cream and jelly!


We had a great day out and Miss Bowling and Mrs O’Kane were very proud of how well we behaved. Thank you to all our parent helpers too!

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Run, run, as fast as you can. You can’t catch me I’m the gingerbread man!

This week we have been reading the story ‘The Gingerbread Man’.

We have read the story, acted it out, baked gingerbread men in the mud pie kitchen, oh and we made clay gingerbread men! We had to follow simple instructions.

Also, every week we strengthen our fingers to help us become fandabbydozy writers, this week we had mini gingerbread men and icing pens- we had to squeeze the pens really hard….and when the icing had dried we got to eat them!









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Trip Trap over the bridge

Reception have been reading Traditional stories and Reception 3 loved acting out the Three Billy Goats Gruff .The Troll was living under our bridge .


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Feeding the birds

Today we went to the woods. We talked about how cold it had been recently and how the birds find it hard to find food in the winter time. We decided to make some Cheerio bird feeders and leave them for the birds to find.

Our first task was to look for sticks thin enough to fit through the Cheerios.

Next we carefully threaded the Cheerios onto the sticks.

Have a look at some of our bird feeders…







After we made the bird feeders we were feeling rather hungry ourselves so we stayed to have snack in the woods. Whilst we had snack we tried to keep really still and quiet to see if any birds would come. Samuel recognised a magpie and we watched as it flew from tree to tree. We weren’t sure if it was more interested in the Cheerios or our shiny milk bottle lids!


This week we have been playing board games in our mathematics lessons and practising recognising numbers and counting on. Yesterday we had a go at making our own games using lots of paper, our games were huge! We worked with a partner to make our own games track and then used a dice to play the game. We did a good job of working together and playing fairly.




For the maths homework challenge this week please play your favourite board game at home.

Also, Reception 2 don’t forget your toys tomorrow for our toys party to celebrate getting 50 class smilies!!!

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Reception home challenge was a great success!

Reception have been readingTraditional stories.Our homework challenge was to build a house for a pig . We had some fantastic houses made at home and the children were so proud of them, they brought them in for their friends to see.














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Stay and Play with a maths focus

Thanks to everyone who attended our Reception Stay and Play last week.We had great fun playing but with the very serious business of being great mathematicians in our play! We counted,sorted,ordered and added numbers in our play.The parents were given a number activity ideas sheet to help their child to develop mathematical skills at home.









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Maths throughout the day

Snack time is a time in the day when we come together, and we usually take the opportunity to count/sort. Today we made our own number line using the apples and pears. We counted accurately and matched the fruit with the digits.




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The day a beanstalk grew…

This morning we got a very big surprise when we came to school.


A beanstalk had grown in our classroom!

We were even more excited to discover a note from Jack that led us to find a golden egg!


When we shook the egg we could hear something inside. We have all written down our ideas of what it might be.



Tomorrow we are going to open the egg and look inside.

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