Farm to Fork at Tesco

What an informative trip to Tesco. Reception tasted cheese,held fish and vegetables and went into the fridge to see how cold it was.
It was a great day out.









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What’s in the box?


A box arrived during one of our literacy lessons. We all predicted what might be in the box and did some independent writing. On the Friday we opened the box and 3 helium balloons popped up! We decided to release the balloons and started to talk about how far they might travel. We looked at a map of the United Kingdom and talked about the places some of the children in our class have visited. London was popular! 

Leo looked across the water to Ireland and did some independent writing predicting the balloon might travel across the Irish Sea to his grandparents house…
…You won’t believe it but a couple of weeks later we got a photograph from Leo’s Grandad George  to say the balloon had landed in a tree in their garden. Leo could not believe his eyes!  


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Ogden’s Sweet Emporium

This week we went to our local traditional sweet shop. 

Mr Ogden greeted us and the sweets were ready for us to choose. We had 20p each so we had to count and add up how much we had spent. Mrs Ogden helped!

The children thoroughly enjoyed their visit and are hoping to go back for ice creams and Slush drinks as our 20p didn’t stretch that far! 

Thanks to Ogden’s Sweet Emporium for allowing us to bring all 90 children to visit..

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Farm to Fork

This week we went to Tesco, Walkden to complete the farm to fork trail…

We looked for different coloured fruits and vegetables and we tasted pineapple…it was really juicy!

We also found out which animals produce the milk we drink, which is then used to make cheese. We tasted some cheese, it was creamy. 
We went all over the store looking at the items Tesco sell…the giant fridge in the back is full of milk, yogurts and cheese. It was very cold. 

Finally we went upstairs and all of the children were given a goody bag…thank you Tesco! 

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Money, money, money

This week in maths we have been learning about money and using the correct mathematical language. We went to Ogden’s Sweet Emporium to buy some sweets and when we got back to school Mrs Ogden helped to set up a sweet shopping in our classroom. 

All of the sweets in our classroom are 1p each and there is always a shopkeeper! 
In small groups we used lots of mathematical language, and when everyone had been to the shop the children were allowed to eat their sweets.  

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A cake for Zog

  On Wednesday Zog joined us for literacy. He has been forgetting to remember finger spaces in his writing and because he came to visit Moorside a year ago he remembered how friendly we were and decided to come back. 
The children took him to the areas to let him play for a while before his spaceship ride back to his planet Zorb. Millie took Zog to the playdough table and decided to have a party with Zog. Millie then asked if she could make a real cake for Zog. 

Mrs Ogden said that she would need a list of ingredients. Millie, Ella and Nancy wrote a fabulous shopping list…Mrs Ogden bought 






















  the ingredients and on Thursday morning we made the cake.

During Key Person time we cut up the cake into 30 cubes and shared it out so everybody had a piece. Delicious. 

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All the time in the world…

This week we have been using our interactive calendar to help us talk about the seasons, days, weeks, months and more. 

Every day we change our calendar but this week we have talked specifically about how the seasons have changed since we started school back in September.  We also changed our calendar on Friday to show the new month of April…


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In phonics we have been learning Digraphs. We use these in our  


 reading and writing….and Mrs Ogden says if we use them independently we can earn one smiley! 😀  


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Science Week 2016










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